CorrigendaClick (Corrections)
Only important scientific content errors are listed.

First printing (2013)

Corrections to print version only; the e-version is correct.
Page 113. "1/e" should be "1/e2" in the Gaussian curve Figure 2.16, and insert "2" in the Gaussian equation before "(r/w)2" in Eq. (2.37).  Interchange "1/e" and "1/e2" in line below equation (2.37)

Corrections to print and e-version, before February 2015
Page 106, line 2, sentence starting with "The fastest..." should be "The slowest propagation corresponds to the highest order mode (in the presence of many modes) with a group velocity, very roughly, (c/n1)sin(thetac)." Sentence right below Eq. (2.2.2) is not necessary (delete). See Student SupplementClick, which derives Equation (2.2.2) | Page 116, line below Eq. (2.3.2).  Interchange "(lowest mode)" and "(highest mode)". | Page 147, Table 2.6, the units of AR should be dB km-1 micrometer4. (Units in Example 2.9.2 are correct.) | Page243, Equation (3.13.8), "633" should be "683" | Page245, Example 3.14.2, "633" should be "683" throughout; 0.63 lm should be "0.68" and "2.8" should be "3.0" lm.

New corrections to print and e-version after February 2015 (to be corrected in 2nd printing)
Page 77, Fig. 1.46 caption. Phi has 2pi missing  | Page 92, Question 1.46, delete parentheses in the denominator.

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