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A Complete Course on Color Power Point Presentations
Deliver your complete course using the textbook's Professional Color Power Point
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2013 Pearson Education
ISBN-10: 0133081753
950 slides (approx)


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Instructor who have adopted the 2nd edition can deliver their whole course from the Professional Color Power Point, which has about 950 slides.  All the illustrations in the textbook appear in beautiful colors. There are additional color illustrations. Key equations, definitions and concepts are clearly shown in the slides in color. Most examples in the book are are also included with short explanations. There also many additional solved problems and worked examples. Numerous color photos of various photonic devices and their applications have been added. All rights have been cleared by Pearson Education, and appropriate copyright fees have been paid, for instructors to freely use the Power Point without having to worry about copyright issues.

Note: Copyrighted material. You must have adopted the 2nd edition textbook as a required textbook.  If the textbook is a required textbook, you do not need to obtain written permission.

You can use these color diagrams in your conference or seminar presentations by citing the full reference for the textbook.
"S.O. Kasap, Optoelectronics and Photonics: Principles and Practices, Second Edition,  Copyright 2013, Pearson Education (Prentice Hall), USA"

Download Professional Color Power Point (2nd Edition) Available from dropbox. You will need a PW from the author
PPT files are zipped. Please choose "download" option on dropbox page


If you have adopted the textbook as a required textbook for a course then you can download the Solutions Manual by obtaining the password from the Author

The Solutions Manual (Copyright 2013 Pearson Education) is for the use of instructors only and should not be passed to anyone else that is not involved in teaching the course. Further, it is unlawful to post any portion of the Solutions Manual on the internet that can be accessed by others. You may post solutions for your students provided that you properly password the PDF or the webpage. Do not use the same password as for instructors.

Download Solutions Manual (2nd Edition) Available from dropbox. You will need a PW from the author